Anti Air missiles

  • Hi, I havn't been playing on the Arma 3 Altis Army servers for a coupple of weeks and I see that a few changes have been made, that's awesome!

    The levels of some items have been increased (which is good, to balance out gameplay and such, even though that means i need to play more to unlock those cool vehicles), but there is one change which I wonder if it's really necessary and it's one thing in particular which really bug me out.

    It's the lockable AA missiles, they're almost impossible to avoid and yet they are so incredibly simple and reliable to use.
    Yes, I see how helicopters can be a problem, but they're not at all difficult to take down, or at least force out of an area. All you need to do is to hit a few rounds with any sort of HMG, or a few well aimed hits with a LMG and that helicopter is going down. Either you ruin something vital, or the fuel starts to leak out from it and the pilot os forced to do a quick emergency landing or run out of fuel mid air and crash.

    Back a few weeks ago people used the HMG:s as anti air turrets, used them to force helicopters to stay away, to protect rather big parts of the map. This was an interesting part of the game and it made it fun both to fly and to play as the anti helicopter gunner, forcing those helicpters to either run or emergency land.

    Theese new lockon missiles more or less eliminated that part of the game. A single soldier can take down several helicopters in a really short ammount of time. He can carry a good few missiles, a single hit takes down a regular helicopter and the lockon is really, really hard to avoid, even if you both flare and turn away from the missile. Are theese lockon missiles really necessary, do they really improve the gameplay? The missiles are so fast and have so good range that it feels like it's more suited to use against something like a manouverable jet rather than the slower, more sluggish helicopters.

    This is just me expressing my opinion, but during my recent few hours in game it seems i'm not the only one with theese thoughts, that the AA missiles are way too easy to use and way to effective.

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