Community ban list for cheat engine

  • Hi my ingame name is LS and I've played on your servers for quite some time (especially conquest when it was still online :))

    I recently started playing Far Cry 4 but it was poorly optimized for 16:10 screen resolutions resulting in black bars at the top and the bottom of the screen. I found a fix for that in the following video:

    which told me to download the following file:…wak/FC4+BlackBars+Fix.rar. If you look at the picture it shows the cheat engine icon in my task bar and it says it's a cheat engine in the processes. I was unaware of this as I have never used a cheat engine and it's not called "cheat engine.exe" when I run it. So when I was done with far cry 4 and wanted to play some Arma 3 I got banned immediately.

    Now this is a global ban for the community ban list. witch means that I can not play on any server utilizing the battle eye community banlist. The only way to play on servers that run battle eye with the community ban list is if the server admins make an exemption for me. Meaning they do trust me as a valid player not utilizing hacks.

    Please exempt me so I can keep playing on your servers while I wait for a reply from battle eye.
    my GUID:

    My player ID on Arma 3 is:

    players that will vouch for me:
    H2O predator
    Serdiss (Hes and admin) also known as xeiss seromol

    It would mean the world to me if you guys could help me out!

    kind regards,


    PS: I did not get banned on your servers I got banned when I tried to open arma 3 trough the breaking point loader (Day z mod)

  • We would love to unban you, but unfortunately this is impossible. :(
    We could delete you from the ban list (i did this right now actually) but BEC would ban you again if you connected the next time. It works this way:

    1) When Battleye detects a GameHack (for example #38) on our servers, BEC reports this automatically to a global ban database that you cannot view or modify. So basically it contains every GameHack ban from every server that participates in this program (it is optional). It is the second worse ban after a real global ban (that bans you in ArmA 2, ArmA 3 and DayZ SA).

    2) For every player that connects to our servers, BEC checks the player against this global ban database and if the result is positive, he will get kicked and banned locally. So the reason is not "BEC : GameHack #38" but "BEC : Caught for GameHack 38. Contact Server owners".

    You can´t make any exeptions so we cannot help you. :(

    You will need to buy the game again.

  • Thanks for the reply but I don't quite understand,

    You say you removed me from the list but if I join I will get banned again?

    why? even if I don't have the program installed on my pc anymore? Also if it says contact server admins shouldn't that be you? :S

    And you mean I am not yet banned from arma 2, and day z? cuz that would be a little bit of good news actually :)

  • No you are just in the BEC (BattlEye Extended Controls) ban database. I don´t think you can get out of it. And everybody in this database will be banned automatically when they connect. Maybe this carries over to ArmA 2 or DayZ but as i said its optional to enable it for the server.

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