Tag Suggestion & Helicopter Suggestion

  • Hello,

    In-game you have the as I like to call it, "Tag-System". With this tag system you are able tell who is your teammate and who isn't.
    However, the big issues with this system is distance, I often see it happen where teammates get killed on accident by other snipers mainly because the tag is not there.

    I had it happen recently where I was shooting at a helicopter from a Hunter HMG and got kicked because I was apparently shooting a teammate.
    I got the sentence thrown to me "Look at your map to verify it's an enemy." but that's rediculous. If you're a sniper or trying to shoot a target from a very large distance it can already be hard enough to see if it's a teammate if;

    -Multiple people are running in that area
    -It's a moving target that could be a threat
    -If he/she is positioning while looking your direction

    In some situations you simply cannot afford losing time by checking your map, instead I'd recommend an attempt to either increase the tag visibility distance or add the name tag pop-up with the name in class color that only works when aiming at teammates.

    I also got some feedback regarding the fighter helicopters.
    There has been some severe cases of intense slaughters with attack helicopters which ended up in the person flying it getting over 30+ kills and barely any deaths.
    Today this happened again and it's near impossible to take out this flying tank, I've shot a very large amount of Hunter HMG bullets towards this heli and saw the bullet hit the heli and it barely did anything to it.

    Once that heli runs out of bullets or gets damaged, it simply flies off back to base to refuel and fix the damage.
    My suggestions is to either nerf the armor of the helicopter or remove it in general because it's too OP at the moment.

  • We wont change the thing with the tags. You can see your teamm8s till 800m. Above it you need to check your map or look which clothes they are wearing. Without that there would be only sniper who killing anyone from 1500m.

    The helicopter thing is in discussion already, so there will happen something soon.

    regards DarkfireGarnett

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