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  • Another suggestion I have is to reduce the time on the introduction screen, often did I have it where I spawned in, grabbed my loadout and teleported to the spawn truck to still have the Altis Army window in my face for another 20 seconds.

    Even some of my friends asked me where to turn this off or where to close it when they joined the server.

  • I don't mind the screen being right there, but the time seems a little.. too long, that's what I'm trying to say.
    It's not just me though that complained about that before in-game.

  • that screen is really TOO long there....thats annoying! rly...half time is enough....

    if u want the players to read the rules, make a screen to read with a button to accept....then no-one can say "i dont know" ;)

    but kick this screen out lol or shorten the time to a max. of 10 seconds...thats enough....

  •, no need to annoy people with this long-time-screen...and in this screen only written: read the rules located on the map...

    sorry, to read this i dont need 30 seconds....plz shorten this need to make people angry with this -.-

    its just....joining the server, wanna have fun, wanna kill people...but the first: BAAAAM annoying popup in ur face ban u to the passive side of the game for 30 seconds..... RAGEMODUS! fun leaves....

    just....have this to be?! i think: NO...10 seconds for this pop up are right enough!

  • I agree with the idea of people clicking an accept button. Why annoy all your players with the 30 second screen while by pressing an accept button they can't say "I did not know" and you will not be annoying your players each time they join.

    No offense but please don't be one of these communities that only give smart ass comments, just legitimately listen to feedback without witty comments.

    You will always have rulebreakers, regardless on how long you keep the screen in their face, hell if you'd pop it in the top right corner continuously people would still break the rules.
    Just don't annoy players that don't break the rules by smashing that in their screen for way too long.

  • Then it's their problem though, regardless of whether you smash it in their face, they will always give the excuse "I'm sorry, I did not know about this rule." but that's mainly because they want their ban to be lifted and don't want to admit they were wrong.

    From my own personal experience I know how annoying it can be that people refuse to read the rules but we decided to just ban them and ignore the "I did not know about this rule." excuses because it's their responsibility to read it if you notify them with a pop-up window for either 10 seconds or with a permanent screen until they click accept.

  • Quote

    they simply click "Okay" and don't read the rules anyway

    and u think - for the time they rage [or maybe laugh] about this 30 second annoying screen - they tap "m" and read the rules?

    sorry, thats an very naive opinion...

    i'm playing online-games for 15 years now...and this rule-breaker never think about rules....whatever u do....

    and when they complain here @ forum....say "sorry, respect the rules and nothing happens..."

    "ignorance is no defense against penalty"

    dont annoy normal/rule-respecting players with shitty thinks like that.....which WON'T NEVER change mind of these ignorant-rule-breakers....

    there are rules....and now thats the point: it's the decision of every player to accept them or ignore them....

    u dont have to read the driver rules everytime u use ur car, right?

    why it's so heavy to shorten this time? the rules are on the map, NOT ON THIS ANNOYING SPLASH makes absolutely NO SENSE ^^

    my opinion and practical knowledge as a experienced online-gamer and community-guy ;)

    Edit Nick_Smith: @Fepaje

  • don't play the last 4-5 days ^^ but i think time's a bit shorten?

    but it looks definitely better...! its no more "bääm in ur face" so much :D
    quiet in the background , high transparency.... well chosen compromise in my opinion :)

    thank you @Fepaje

    @all: and sorry for my horrible english :D i know it's not that good....but i think everybody understand me :D

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