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    My rank has reset :(

    was rank 53

    Somewhere along the line my kills reset themselves (around 1000), because my rank was still there there was no point in reporting it.

    player ID= 76561198074435072

    Hope you can help.

    Hello, I am a new moderator for the Altis Army team. My name is Nick and I hope you have a good Christmas!


    Hallo, ich bin ein neuer Moderator für die Altis Armee Team. Mein Name ist Nick und ich hoffe, dass Sie ein
    gutes Weihnachten zu haben!


    Yes, I will play on the Epoch server, in fact as I read this thread I was actually downloading Epoch :) I can read most German I come across and can write responses to important messages too.
    Thanks, Nicks

    Would you consider adding not just audio mods, but perhaps a modded server with more than just the vanilla game. The standard game play is just a bit bland at the moment, and something to keep me hooked (not that I'm not) would be greatly appreciated.

    Could you consider changing the English translated website header from 'start' to 'home', or similar.

    Hello there, to all Altis Army players, admins and moderators. I wish to apply for the post of moderator.
    I am 19 years old and currently live in the UK. I have been a player in the Altis Army community for quite a long time now, and wish to elevate myself ,and add to the already brilliant community. I have trouble speaking German, but can read and write quite well, patching any holes with Google translate.
    I do also realise that you are currently not accepting applications for English speaking Moderators, but I think I may be of use with the community.

    Thanks for everything
    Nicks [DebuggingWorlds]

    Hello, I seem to have noticed a lack of moderators in game, and would like to say something about it. The general problem is that when someone say, kamikazes you, you have to upload a video or screenshot, post it and await a response, and some of the time when you painstakingly go to all this effort, there is still insufficient evidence to punish someone for the offence. I therefore propose a revamp of the moderator team, with applications being open for a short time. At the minute, there simply isn't enough moderators playing, especially on the lower population servers. Thanks for reading this. Also, if you ever want a reliable, English speaking mod, I'm always here. Nicks